Manzanillo  is one of the best ways to vacation on the coast of Mexico.

Here you will find literally all that you need in form of dining and recreation facilities.In fact, many vacation rentals in Manzanillo Mexico offer boating, jet skiing, tank and snorkel diving, as well as big game fishing excursions that launch right off the beautiful beaches of Manzanillo.

Here is some information on the history of Manzanillo

Vacationing in Manzanillo is nothing new.

Decades ago, the wealthy would come here for secret vacations and week-long parties. You would have found tycoons, celebrities, and the cultural elite here in the early


1970’s. Since then, hotel chains have purchased one of the most famous hotels in Manzanillo, “Las Hadas” and have made it available to all kinds of people. The Manzanillo area of Mexico has been praised by major lifestyle magazines and travel writers. The important thing is that while those in the know continue to flock here year after year, it is still a low key family oriented destination.

Once you visit Manzanillo for vacation, you are going be sure to return again and again.

There are tons of the spacious and beautiful villas that are available for rent. Or you can stay in a beautiful beachfront hotel and enjoy the exciting amenities that they provide. Either way, In Manzanillo you are surely going to find time to relax and pamper yourself. One great way to do this is on the Manzanillovariety of beaches that Manzanillo offers.  In fact there are about 10 kilometers of beautiful sand beaches in Manzanillo and a wonderful moderate climate to enjoy them with. Some of the beaches are nice quiet beaches with a beautiful surroundings. Others are large tourists beaches with the customary restaurants, tourist shops and mariscos (succulent seafood).  Or you can also explore some of Manzanillos secret places. And there is always the  active nightlife. There are also four fabulous golf courses nearby. The world-famous La Mantarraya at the Las Hadas resort and the courses located at Isla Navidad, Club Santiago and El Tamarindo.

Manzanillo is easy to get to. It has an international airport, servicing flights from Los Angeles, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Phoenix. There are also charter flights to the Manzanillo airport from Canada. Really it is the perfect vacation spot. Why not reserve a Manzanillo Vacation now?